Thank you for this beautiful retreat. Feels like this is what I needed in the moment.


Great retreat, thank you so much Cedric. There is something special about Tonglen and using it with the schemas feels so healing. I feel hopeful and inspired to keep working with Tonglen.


Cedric I would just like to say thanks for your wisdom and knowledge of attachment issues and repair. The work you are doing really helps me and I have never come across anything as transformative for me as your meditations. Thank you so much.

Anastasia Chebotaryova

I want to say thank you for giving this opportunity and I recommend this course because of the huge impact it is making on my well-being.

It is easier to self-regulate emotionally and I have a deeper understanding of attachment and compassion and it’s place and impact in life.


I’m knowing myself better which allows me to connect in a more authentic way. I am also recognizing the attachment styles better in people I interact with and hammering out what I am really seeking in a relationship.

I didn’t realize how important unconditional exploration and expression was for me until this class.


I love your offerings. Keep them coming. You have a good capacity to make people feel seen – and also show great respect for us as individuals – in itself that is an healing factor in being in courses of yours! Your humbleness and humour – make every call a killer. Rock on.

I like learning about these subjects! Feels very helpful in understanding my problems/reason to part of my suffering. I feel I have grown during the course so far – and or moving in a better direction.


I gained an ability to self soothe, meet my needs for validation and feeling seen/heard (which were often unmet in childhood), an overall feeling like I am less alone in my work of healing my attachment.

I realize I benefit greatly from an 8 week course with a weekly meeting, I am able to do daily visualisation meditations on my own and feel supported in this routine with the weekly meetings.

I feel I am actively and consistently working on my attachment repair by being part of a longer course (as opposed to a weekend workshop).


Loved the course and loved this kind of emotional work. Look forward to doing more that you offer.

Content was excellent. Meditation around Schema modes went quite deep and uncovered difficult emotions. Doing micro hits has improved some situations that would have gone worse.


THANK YOU!! this is powerful for me, so thank you thank you for sharing your insight.

I like how you really balance the “just do the work” attitude with sooo much compassion and empathy for how hard it is.

Now I know how to use the immense power of my imagination to heal my most fundamental body-mind-soul mechanisms and have a more joyful, loving life.


I love your warmth; sitting with you is inherently encouraging. I also love the energy and creativity you bring to the process - trying new things, getting this feedback!

The one-sided recordings (without my voice) have been VERY helpful for practicing at home.


I feel supported in my practice and feel empowered to keep practicing. Cedric is very creative with his approach. It has been helpful to see what a secure attachment foundation looks like.


Since doing Emotional Repatterning Meditation, I am no longer upset that my mum does not give me what I want her to give me in terms of emotional support and understanding. I am much more able to hear my partner out and listen to him when he is upset without getting triggered and needing to "fire back", even when he says things that upset me. I was not able to do that at all previously and it really helps to de-escalate conflict and have a constructive conversation.

I'm also better able to take risks in business and explore and be true to myself about what is or is not working, because I can come back to a safe space and the business (aka achievement) does not need to be that safe space.


I gained a lot of knowledge about attachment theory, which has helped me identify why my past relationship failed and why people behave in certain ways. I also received some valuable life-advice from the coaching with Cedric, regarding relationship with others and myself, and came to know what I lacked in my childhood and that lack manifested in form of attachment wounds, and how should I work with it.

The aspect that has been the most helpful to me in the guided meditation was that there is no emotion that we cannot deal with, however strong that may be. If we stop resisting the negative emotion, closely work with it, develop soothing techniques, we can overcome most of the past trauma, although it may take a while. But that's okay because earlier I thought that it is impossible to correct the traumas and that I would have to live my whole life in misery. But due to meditation sessions with Cedric, I am getting a new hope!


Working with Cedric 1:1 has been deeply transformative for my entire life AND business.

After doing 6 months of regular meditation with Cedric, I now have more awareness of afflictive thinking when it arises, and automatically go into emotional self-regulation using micro hits of meditation. SO effective in helping me get back to baseline. It's something I do throughout my days now, and I even start my day proactively with a dose of practice. This gives me a sense of safety, grounding and feeling supported. I can literally feel my life force arise within me when I do it, and from there I feel empowered, confident, at ease and even excited for my day. I used to feel low-grade dread (no matter what I was doing in the day!), and now thanks to the guided meditation and Cedric's support, I feel excitement, momentum and a comfort with exploring things that are meaningful to me.

If you're looking to heal your attachment and lean into your authentic life guided by love, excitement and support, then I highly recommend Cedric's mentorship and meditation work!!